Jesús Manuel Mena Garza Photography

My Two Uncles

In this series Jesús Garza revisits his South Texas roots. What better way to understand his current reality. Before they passed more than a decade ago, Garza had the opportunity to photograph and get to know his two uncles. They lived in Crystal City, Texas. He is quite thankful.

Garza's documentary photographs have been exhibited at venues ranging from Mexico City's El Museo Universitario Arte Conemporáneo (MUAC) de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México and in Bordeaux, France at the Musée d'Aquitaine. Both incredibly prestigious venues. His photos of the 1970's Chicano Movement (El Movimiento) are of special interest to many institutions.

From the beginning for the San José Museum of Art in 1974 to the present for Friends of the National Museum of the American Latino, Jesús Garza has been asked to talk about and exhibit his photographs, participate on panels, teach workshops and university classes.


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