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The PowerPoint presentation is being made available at NO COST to schools, universities and nonprofits. You can download the basic version of the PPT and the accompanying script by clicking below. Again, this is being offered only to schools, universities and non profits. You can also call or email to have the original version (see image above) mailed to you along with other materials.

The Chicano Photographer PPT includes brief and useful descriptions in the Presenter Tools view. The "cue cards" in this mode simplify making the presentation. The PPT is customizable and you can add comments or delete slides. Click here to see sample of the PPT in Presenter Tools view.


Download PPT (Please email me that you are using the PPT... thanks.)

Download PPT Script (This script was used for my presentation at UC Berkeley. It has changed quite a bit since. If you have any questions please call.)

You can download, call or email to request a copy of this PPT.

Yes, Jesús Manuel Mena Garza or Ann Marie Leimer, Ph.D. may be available to present the PPT.


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