Free Super Chicana/o Posters and PowerPoints

Be the first in your neighborhood, barrio or gated community to download a FREE/GRATIS Super Chicana/o poster. You don't have to be a Super Chican@ to own any of these fantastic posters. Don't be intransigent. Download and print a poster today.

Downloading Posters Is Easy (Muy Fácil)

  • Just "click" on the thumbnail image of the poster to download.
  • Save your downloaded PDF.
  • Print two copies (a laser or inkjet printer works fine). By the way, you can easily downsize any 11x17 inch PDF to make a letter size 8.5 x 11 print.

Generously give one poster to your Chicana/o Studies (Hispanic Studies may not count!) or photography professor. They will be absolutely impressed by your excellent taste.

Yes, Jesús Garza is available for lectures, presentations, panels, teaching and especially lunch. If you're a Chicana/o Studies Prof, tenured or not, contact the photographer via email. Gracias.

Two Free PowerPoint Presentations

The presentations are available at NO COST to most schools, universities and nonprofits. Click here to go to download page.

The Chicano Photographer PPT includes brief and useful descriptions in the Presenter Tools view. The "cue cards" in this mode simplify making the presentation. The PPT is customizable and you can add comments or delete slides. Click here to see sample in Presenter Tools view.

 The Chicano Movement in San José, California: 1970 to 1975. Garza used this PPT during his presentations at the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Redlands and other venues.

[download today!]

Cesar Chavez Poster #1

 1.4 MB

[download today!]

César E. Chávez Poster #2 (Letter Size)

 442.8 KB

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Chicano Photographer Series
Documentary Photography Brochure (2012)

1.7 MB

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Chicano Photographer Poster

 1.5 MB

[download today!]

Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales Poster

 1.4 MB

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Chicano Photographer Exhibition Poster

 1.5 MB

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Globe, AZ Poster

 1.1 MB

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Globe, AZ Exhibition Poster

 1.1 MB

*Posters are for educational purposes only. The posters are not for sale or commercial production. Companies that mass produce posters may not distribute or sell posters without a signed contract from the artist.

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