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Garza leaves taking "pretty pictures" of wildflowers, babbling brooks and tourist hot spots to the uninitiated. He strives to be different. Not the most commercially viable methodology, but fun.

The photographer often constructs his images by abstracting the details, purposefully isolating a single element and disassociating it from the larger context to produce new meanings.

Additionally,  Garza focuses on the texture of buildings, emphasizing the elements of the photograph that translate into subtle but essential tonal values. He rejoices in photographing sun-baked buildings with peeling paint; they give evidence to history's passing.

Jesús Garza has used everything from a 5x7, 4x5, Hasselblad to a 35mm camera to photograph the great American landscape. Today, he takes advantage of digital technology. As you can tell, Garza loves black and white photographs. Garza patiently converts his color images in Photoshop to black and white.

Yes, photographing landscapes is great because you are in the midst of nature's wonder. A photograph is an excellent 2-D memento that can be imbued with an intimate experience or a forlorn fantasy. Be it a quick vacation snapshot or a calculated fine art photograph, landscapes are unique in their power to stir our imaginations. A definitive longing to be in a natural space for the first time or once again. 

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